Go Kid Music's Privacy Notice

We want to be really clear about what we do with your information so that you can choose what to provide us with.

When you make a Purchase

When you make a purchase we take your payment information for as long as the payment is processing. We then delete all information within 24 hours of completion and will only email you with a receipt. We will not add you to our mailing list unless you choose to join. We only require your information in order to process your payment. This information will be stored in WooCommerce within our WordPress website. We will never share your information with anybody else.

Joining our Mailing List

When you choose to join our mailing list you will fill out a form letting us know the particular type of email you would like to receive (information about events, products, competitions etc.). We will store your information in MailChimp (a secure email platform) and send you relevant emails. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link in every email we send or you can send us an email to ask to unsubscribe. We can also see the IP address you used and the country you were in when you joined. We will then delete your information from MailChimp within one week. We will also delete your information if you haven't opened 10 emails we send in a row. We may also upload the information from MailChimp to an encrypted file on our computer and will also delete your information from those when you unsubscribe or do not open 5 emails.

Access to your Data

If you would like to see the information you've provided us send an email to info@gokidmusic.com and we will send you a file within one month (our legal obligation is to give you access within one month but we would try to get you this information much sooner).

If you have any further questions please send us any questions at info@gokidmusic.com