Music and songs for screen

I'm proud to present my new project; Beach Down Music.

This is a collaboration between myself and Tony Bryant from Sunny Studio, Hove.

Tony is a producer and drummer and we have worked on many songs together over the years. Tony mixed and produced my last album, ROBOT. He also plays live with me often - on drums and percussion.

Beach Down Music specialises in producing original songs and music for the screen - that's TV, films and streaming media. We are focussing on children's productions to begin with and have our first catalogue ready to pitch. 

When making music for the screen, it's important to be able to deliver multiple mixes and versions of songs - instrumentals, underscores, stripped-down mixes and then edit the songs into shorter pieces - 15 seconds, 30 seconds and tiny clips and cues.

By combining our skill-sets we're able to deliver both pre-recorded and bespoke songs and music to suit a range of productions. We both have studios, work quickly and can deliver unique soundscapes, musical and vocal pieces perfect to enhance any on-screen scene.

Here's our first folk-roots album "Little Folk" with more in the pipeline coming soon!

Contact us at or call me on 07808 296780