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Exciting Family Ukulele Club Launches This Summer

Yes! I think it could be one-of-a-kind….

I'm launching my brand new family ukulele club early this summer for parents/carers, grandparents, extended family, friends and their kids!

The Go Kid Ukulele Club will be a fresh new way for families…

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My friend Ravi has a dream - he wants to help all children who experience brain tumours to get treatment and get well again.

Ravi goes to my school and we have sung together every week for the last 3…

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The Go Kid Music Club is back!

We are back at the wonderful Brunswick Pub in Hove this autumn and winter! 

I can't wait to welcome you to a live show -hear the songs we sing at school in real life! Learn new songs, request your favourites…

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Funky Kids Radio Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Funky Kids Radio has announced the winners of the Funky Kids 2021 awards! How exciting!! 

The Funky Kids Radio people's choice is:


Al Start: runner-up for European Artist of the Year 2021


Robot: 3rd…

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PODCAST - Songwriting with Children with Al Start

Songwriting with Children

In my final podcast session with Dale, I'll tell you all the tips and tricks to writing great songs WITH children! Not many teachers are brave enough to try writing songs instead of poems or stories -…

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PODCAST - SIGNING with children, why bother?

Inclusion Matters – Signing – Why Bother?

I use signing to teach all children songs - why is this? How hard is it to learn? What are the benefits? In this podcast I'll break it down and explain all about…

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PODCAST - TIPS for Singing with Children

Tips for singing with children - using music inclusively across the curriculum with Al Start

The SENDCast with Dale Pickles

Here's the first of four podcast episodes I recorded last year with Dale. Today we discuss tips for singing with…

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