Britain's Got Talent - Ravi's Dream Team


Wow, I'm writing this blog post the day after our appearance on the show (last night, Sunday 21st April 2024) what a blast!

As you may know, we won Alesha's coveted Golden Buzzer!

I've known Ravi since he started school and began singing with me each week - a real super-star! But not long after his school life started Covid hit and then, tragically, so did a brain tumour. This had a huge impact on Ravi's health as you can imagine and the road has been long and tough for him and his lovely family.

Getting back his speech, balance, ability to walk, eat and just sing and play as he did before has been no easy feat. It's taken him years. 

But if you saw us on BGT you'll see he is bouncing back! 

Ravi and his family are determined not to let his challenges stop him reaching his goals, and he quickly started raising funds and awareness for other children and families in the same situation by releasing a charity single - A Million Dreams.

I was proud to sing on this, as I written before, and after many other fundraising events, Ravi won the Child of Courage award at last year's itv ceremony. What a star!

Now, I have to mention his little sister Maya at this point - as you'll see she's always by his side. I have the sheer joy of teaching singing to Maya every week now too! 

The Dream Team

Incredibly, the Dream Team is made up of a group of wonderful people who have been in Ravi's family's life in many different ways - grandparents, aunts/uncles and extended family; friends from school and teachers and musicians like me. 

But also doctors, surgeons, health specialists, representatives of the brain tumour charities that Ravi's Dream supports. And even more amazingly, most of the other children in our Dream Team are also living with brain tumours. 

Sadly, there is the need for a vast brain tumour community - but happily they are incredible, supportive families who stand by each other and are there when times get really dark. They are not part of the community by choice - but make amazing connections in the worst of situations. 

For someone like me who works solo a lot of the time, it's been wonderful to feel part of a team. Especially such a kind, generous and supportive group of people - young and old alike.

Our aim is to highlight the positives that can come from difficult life challenges. Whatever life throws at you, you can still achieve your dreams.

I had cancer myself and treatment that virtually wiped out my 20s. It held me back and I never thought I'd really get anywhere with my music. But in fact when I look back, it focused me on exactly I want to do with my life and lead me to set up Go Kid Music all these years later.

Kaiden is another young member of the Dream Team who is obsessed with BGT - he and his family are facing really difficult times ahead, but our experience together on this journey is simply making his dreams come true. 

Making music, singing, being part of something bigger than yourself and doing something good with it all - what more can you ask for?

Live Semi-Finals in May

How can you help?

You can be part of our Dream Team adventure! 

We would love you to check-out Ravi's Dream website where you'll find more details of all the fundraising Ravi and his family have been up to. 

You could also donate to ravisdream as every penny will be divided equally to Brains Trust and The Brain Tumour Charity. Their cutting edge research will hopefully lead to early diagnosis of brain tumours in young children and improve the invasive surgery and drawn-out treatment they currently have to endure. 

And of course, we need your vote in the LIVE semi-final of Britain's Got Talent at the end of May! 

So please spread the word, share Ravi's story far and wide and wish us luck in the next part of our BGT journey!

I'm about to make a little film about our journey so far - check out the VIDEO page for that and our appearance on BGT.

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