The Go Kid Music Club Monthly Event Finale

We've had a wonderful run of monthly shows at the Brunswick pub in Hove for the last 6 months. Most months we have sold out before the event, and every event has been packed to the rafters with wonderful families.

April is our final show for the season and we're putting on a mega open mic with your kids being the stars of the finale!

The whole reason I started Go Kid Music was to involve children in fantastic singing, music-making and learning through singing educational songs - in all topics. The monthly show really hilights why music is such a crucial part of children's early lives.

Parents and carers feed back to me almost every time, how amazed they are that their child got up on stage and joined in - for many it was their first time doing such a brave thing - and totally smashing it!

I believe if all our kids had the right opportunities and a friendly, supportive atmosphere they'd be up on stage singing their hearts out! Music is built in to us human beings. It's part of the fabric that makes us human - it's instinctual and not a talent that some have and some do not.

As we get older, some of us choose to embrace singing and music-making and develop our skills. Some are not so interested and lean into other interests. Some simply do not have the opportunity to keep singing and making music.

I hope that as the world realises how crucial the Arts are to our survival - how our planet will bounce back to its former glory when we all stop racing for our own gain - I hope my songs will still be in the mix somewhere! 

I really want to play my part and give children the opportunities to sing their hearts out - whether it's singing along to my songs in the car, learning facts at school with a great little song, picking up a ukulele and starting their musical journey, or getting up on stage at a live event.

Music can be a best friend to get you through the tough times. It can be a companion on your life's adventures - the highs and lows and all the little moments inbetween.

Thanks for reading and supporting independent music-makers like me!

Don't underestimate the power of music - if your kids don't have much music in their lives, jump onto my playlists and albums on all streaming platforms - Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon…even your smart speaker can blast out some “Al Start” tunes! 

And the next time you have nothing to do on a rainy afternoon, why not see if there's a Go Kid Music Club running - we'll be back in October. 

And until then I have a whole summer of live music, events and even something very special you and your kids can enjoy and even be part of from the comfort of your sofa…..WATCH THIS SPACE!!

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