When Al met Ed (Sheeran)

Once upon a time...

...I was touring singer-songwriter on my big solo tour.

I'd been in America for 5 weeks and was now touring the UK, so was feeling pretty confident.

One evening I was in Suffolk at a lovely venue called the High Barn. It had been a long drive, but I was backstage getting ready and in bounded a young chap with ginger hair and a big grin!

The event organiser apologized and said this was a young person called Ed they were helping out, he was going to play a couple of songs in between the listed artists (like my support act!). Sorry if he was bothering me.

I've worked with children and young people for yonks, so was. more than happy to chat with him.

Anyway Ed and I got talking, he was very sweet, 15 years old. The main thing I noticed about him was his enthusiasm to know everything about music and touring; he was really friendly and actually great company.

So I hung out with Ed that night.

Later, I listened to his set and it was good! Could do with practicing his singing a bit - and he had this funny little Taylor guitar that looked too small for him - but apart from that, really good for a young writer.

He'd just recorded his first album, showed me all through it and talked about everyone who'd helped him make it. 

I was touring my first solo album too - so we swapped and signed each others' albums - wished each other good luck at the end of the night and I played his CD on the way home. Lovely!

I didn't think much more of it until about a year or so later, I saw Ed on the telly!

Over the next couple of years it became clear he was here to stay!

And the rest is history as they say.

What's the point of this story? I hear you ask.

Well, if you've not watched my latest video - the point I'd like to make is about SUPPORT.

Ed had a ton of support - from his family, friends, school, youth workers and mentors. With that support he was able to fulfil his dream.

I want to support our young primary school-aged children to take up music and start their journey into a life with music - who knows where it will lead?

SO let's get them off those bloomin' screens and playing a fun instrument, singing and enjoying music with like-minded people.

...You never know, one day you might be thanking me as you float around your swimming pool with cocktail in hand and your wildly famous child beams at you from their recording studio window...!

AL :-)



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