Exciting Family Ukulele Club Launches This Summer

Yes! I think it could be one-of-a-kind….

I'm launching my brand new family ukulele club early this summer for parents/carers, grandparents, extended family, friends and their kids!

The Go Kid Ukulele Club will be a fresh new way for families to enjoy singing, playing uke and making music together! Eat your heart out the Vonn Trapps - this is family musical fun 21st century style!

I'll be opening the doors to the Go Kid Ukulele Club later next week - it will feature a clever mix of technology and real-life fun - offering families a great way to introduce musical fun into the home, holiday and especially around the ole campfire!

Are you interested in finding out more? Believe me, you're going to love this…even if you don't think you're particularly musical (you don't have to be - this is for total beginners through to experienced players) 

Follow this link and all will be revealed….. 🎶 ☀️ 😀