Tell me about your cat - and be in my next song!

😻 Cats eh? They really do think they are above us all...and they probably are!

If you have a cat who gets up to mischief, I'd love to hear about it. Send me a quick email with a description of what your cat does and include a photo of your cat so we can pop them in the video too!

Here's an example:

Coco: "I only drink water from a clean glass, or straight from the tap! Don't even think about giving me a bowl!"


Willow: "I love to visit all my local neighbours, once I got shut in a factory over night and my owner (Al) saw me through the window and had to get the key-holder to get me out...on a Saturday!"

or you can just describe what they do, and I'll turn it into a line in the song.

Please email me on with the subject "Cat Story" - I'll be waiting! 😻

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