PODCAST - Songwriting with Children with Al Start

Songwriting with Children

In my final podcast session with Dale, I'll tell you all the tips and tricks to writing great songs WITH children! Not many teachers are brave enough to try writing songs instead of poems or stories - but there are some simple ways in, and we will even write a song live on the podcast to show you how easy it can be!

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Children enjoy writing stories and poems, but have you thought about songwriting? It can be a fantastic activity to enhance speech and language skills, communication and literacy. It makes a great alternative to creative writing as it’s more inclusive and collaborative. 

Singing songs and music in school engages children in a different way. It levels the playing field with children with different abilities and is a really accessible way to get into a topic. 

Al Start is a singer-songwriter who specialises in music for children and schools through her company Go Kid Music. Al joins Dale Pickles to show us how you can write songs for your own topics and class to reinforce concepts, behaviours and learn basic skills.

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