PODCAST - Using Topic Based Songs

Using Topic Based Songs

How can teachers use song to support their teaching? Is it a real thing? Do children really learn from songs?

Can anyone do it, or do you need special skills?

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In this week’s podcast, Dale Pickles from B Squared is joined by Al Start. Al is a singer-songwriter who specialises in music for children and schools through her company Go Kid Music.

Al has worked with children through creative art organisations and local authority play services. Al has also has toured the UK and East Coast USA performing her music. 

Songs get stuck in your head. We remember songs for years, we remember nursery rhymes from our childhood. They help in so many ways.

It make sense to use songs and music more widely in school. The next step is to use topic-based songs for learning the vocabulary, key facts, retaining information and bringing a new dimension to cross curricular topic work. 

By introducing music and singing into all areas of the curriculum and not just for music lessons, schools can enable a mixed ability class to learn collaboratively, creatively, and ‘level the playing field’ in terms of ability. This enables students who may struggle to learn in a conventional way to take part and feel confident in their learning.

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