PODCAST - TIPS for Singing with Children

Tips for singing with children - using music inclusively across the curriculum with Al Start

The SENDCast with Dale Pickles

Here's the first of four podcast episodes I recorded last year with Dale. Today we discuss tips for singing with children in the classroom - for the generalist teacher. Good stuff!

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This week Dale is joined by Al Start to discuss some helpful tips to help teachers use music and songs in the classroom. 

Al had 20 years working with children with and without SEND in after school projects, creative arts organisations and holiday playschemes. She worked for the Brighton & Hove Play Service, BHIP inclusive project and Extratime children’s charity. She lectured at Brighton University on the Playwork Foundation Degree for many years and supported teachers during their training with Reflective Practice. Using both Makaton and British Sign Language, communication skills were always at the forefront of her study and work. 

Singing with children can be a scary idea if you’re not musically trained, but introducing music and singing into children’s daily learning routine will open up so many opportunities for learning, creativity, behaviour management and wellbeing. With some handy tips, anyone can use singing and music without a musical background. 

There isn’t enough support for teachers to try music in the classroom – but the benefits are plentiful – for both pupils and staff. 

Music is always way down on the curriculum and thought of as a specialist subject. However it should fill your classroom throughout the day, whatever subject you’re teaching.

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