FREE Membership Offered to Primary Schools to Help All Children Catch-Up

We're on a mission to help our children catch-up with their learning after lockdowns and school/bubble closures.

A catchy song makes any subject unforgettable. We use the power of music to enable children of all learning styles to easily absorb key facts, vocabulary and improve their literacy and communication skills - and shine!

We are making free membership available to all primary and special schools in the UK to remove barriers and increase inclusivity. 

We want to make it simple for teachers to see how every subject can benefit from music and song. Increase attainment and bring smiles to faces at the same time. 

Create a culture of creative learning and well-being in your school to benefit both teachers and pupils now.

Official guidance

The DfE (Department of Education) highlights the importance of developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills and wider understanding of language. 

Using a range of different activities, like singing, can develop children’s early reading and ability to hear and manipulate sounds. 

By introducing singing into everyday learning you have access to a powerful tool. Our songs offer children the opportunity to copy and learn words, sounds and build their vocabulary. 

But, our songs also support cross-curricular topics - so not only are children developing their literacy and communication skills - they are learning the key concepts and facts about your chosen subject.

"Your songs have really given our school a lift in these difficult times, so please keep up the good work" 

- Rose Fisher, Christ the King School

Music can change lives

As adults we sometimes forget the impact that music can have on young lives. Learning an instrument, singing wonderful songs and being part of something bigger than ourselves can inspire children to begin a life-long love of music.  

There isn't much great music out there for Primary School children, which is why I began writing children's songs in the first place. 

The collection of songs for learning is growing and growing, and each song is tried and tested in primary schools in Brighton, UK. 

The teachers ask me to write songs for their topics and help the children remember the key facts and vocabulary. So I make sure every song has all the ingredients of a great song that the kids will love to sing....while they learn. 

So far we've had rave reviews!

"The songs are the soundtrack to our day!" 

"The children go home singing the songs and parents are thrilled! The fact that families can have the membership at home, means the children can share their learning and singing with their family, and parent engagement has soared." 

"It has had a hugely positive effect on children who came into school nervous and shy - it has brought them out of themselves and given them self-confidence" 

"We play the songs in snack times, during ‘golden time’ and the children love to choose the songs and sing along while they do other activities" 

- Teaching Assistants & INAs, St.Lukes Primary, Brighton

Could your school benefit?

If you have children at primary school, or are a teacher, you can benefit from free membership right now. It is simple to sign up and gain access to all the online teaching videos, songs, music and teaching resources that bring your subjects to life in a creative an accessible way.

Staff need no extra training, no musical know-how and nothing technical is required. 

Please spread the word and let's create a culture of creative learning and well-being in our schools to benefit both teachers and pupils now.

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