Grab your ukulele! This is the summer you and your kids become ukulele players! Yep, there's no reason not to! We're still having to stay close to home, so why not take the plunge! 

My ukulele club is all online and available on any device at any time - anywhere! With downloadable songsheets. 

I'll take you from total beginner to cool uke strummer in no time. No joke: the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn...FAST! And we know kids like instant gratification (who can blame them!) 

This summer is special as I'm giving live workshops through the summer to all members of the Go Kid Ukulele Club. I'll be streaming regular extra classes where I'll teach you new songs, answer your questions, help you with anything you're stuck on and we'll have a good old strum and sing! 

All the info is HERE - and this little vid will tell you come with me and let's get our ukes on!


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